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Enjoying Aging is a resource for people who place a high value on Aging Well. For those wanting to stay informed on the topics that matter to us, the 'Fun After 50' crowd, you will find interesting articles on a variety of subjects that include:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Retirement Planning and Finance
  • Tips for Aging Gracefully
  • Indoor and Outdoor Activities for Seniors
  • Product Reviews and How To’s
  • Senior Living
  • Travel
  • And so much more


Health & Wellness


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Online, or content marketing and advertising, is currently the second highest method of promoting businesses following only Television which, for now, remains in the number one position. Experts have predicted that digital ads will surpass TV by 2025 and not look back. For cost effectiveness, and the ability to directly target your audience, nothing matches the ROI of digital marketing. Learn More

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Digital Marketing Offers Three Opportunities To Reach Your Audience

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Safe Steps Forward: How to Manage Financial Worries in Later Years

Man Holding A Cane

In 2019, the Congressional Research Service published a report on household debt amongst older Americans. They found that debt had increased from 38 percent in 1989 to 61 percent in 2016 in households led by 65-and-overs. With financial difficulties increasingly common amongst seniors, what steps can be taken to move safely forward? Read More.



How to Enjoy a Healthy Second Act

Group of Hikers

The term “retirement” has come to have a whole new meaning these days, with seniors often embarking on a second act in life post-retirement — traveling, enjoying favorite hobbies and pastimes, and even starting new business ventures! To keep pace with all of your grand plans, it’s important to maintain a high quality of life by taking good care of your physical and mental health. As we age our bodies need different types of exercise, foods that are easier to metabolize, supplements (we’ve all seen or tried Centrum Silver), energy boosters, etc. There are many different things to consider when we reach those golden years but one thing is certain; if you really want to enjoy that “Second Act” you’ll need to maintain a healthy body. Read More.


Staying Active In Retirement

Stay Active In Retirement

Staying active involves more than physical activity. Keeping up with hobbies and activities you enjoy will help you stay mentally sharp. Some retirees even opt to start a business, often converting a hobby or skill set into a money-making venture! We've heard it too, 'it takes money to make money' and in many cases that's true. However, you may find that you already have most of what you need lying around the house. If it has been a hobby of yours for many years you may have accumulated everything necessary to get started. Generally, the expense of getting your business, or corporate documents, is not that high, or that difficult. Read More.


Planning Your Next Move: Tips for Seniors

Moving Tips for Seniors

There are many good reasons to move in your golden years. Perhaps you want to live in a retirement community that fits your lifestyle, or a facility that provides the care you need. Or maybe you simply want to live in a smaller home that’s easier to take care of. Whatever the future holds for you, it’s important to research all your options carefully and make a stress-free plan for moving. Read More.



The one thing most seniors crave is knowledge. The following are links to resources and
articles that provide up to date information on the topics that are important to our generation.




Contact Us with any comments, questions or concerns so we may better serve you.



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