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Are there things you see businesses doing wrong (such as in marketing or other aspects of their business) that you would recommend they do differently? The No. 1 mistake is to ignore this huge market. It's also wrong to assume that older people don't know how to use technology. In fact, older adults are the fastest-growing group of internet users. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, people over the age of 65 spend more than $7 billion dollars per year online. Another mistake people make is to assume that people's consumption habits don't change over time. If older Americans are as brand loyal as they're made out to be, then the American auto industry certainly would not be in such dire straits. Read More

11 Internet Myths Debunked
Think creating a website for your biz is too complicated? Avoid the myths and find out the simple truth. Read More, or complete the Contact Us form for more details and someone will contact you usually within 24-48 hours.

Consumers know that small businesses play a big part in maintaining a vibrant local economy. In fact, in a survey by American Express, 93% of consumers acknowledged the importance of supporting the businesses they value in their community.*


Advertise With Enjoying Aging

By enrolling your business as one of Enjoying Aging’s preferred merchants you have multiple sources of advertisement at your disposal.

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Advertisements: Educating, Entertaining, Inspiring, empowering, however you want to describe EA the results are the same, our readers live a more meaningful life and celebrate the joys of their retirement or pre-retirement years with the help of Enjoying Aging Website. We are dedicated advocates for the betterment of senior lifestyles by helping them to successfully navigate the challenges of aging through topics such as; Finance, Mortgage, Medicare, Health & Diet, Self Help, Entertainment, Pet Care and much more.

Article submissions are by far the most powerful listings EA offers. This valuable benefit to both you and our readers gives you the ability to write or contribute articles about your business and the products or services you provide. Being published helps you to be regarded as the foremost authority in your industry. When people read your article and see your ad on that page they are far more likely to pay attention to your ad and call you instead of your competitors.

Banner Ads on the Website: We have worked very hard to create a Website that has more senior resource links than just about any site found on the web. Currently Enjoying is averaging over 20,000 hits per month and with the upcoming improvements, features and benefits planned for the Website we anticipate an exponential increase in that number. With our analytical stats report you will be able to select the perfect placement for your ad on one or more of the many pages found throughout the site. Complete the Contact Us form for more details and someone will contact you usually within 24-48 hours.

Web Links to your Website: If accepted, your business will have a free listing on the preferred merchant page of the EA Website along with an outgoing link to your Website or E-mail address. Click here to view the Preferred Merchants page.

Welcome to Enjoying Aging Newsletters: With each new enrollment we will send out a “Val-pak” style welcome letter that will include a current merchant list and coupons from merchants who would like to encourage an immediate response.

Monthly Newsletter Sponsorship: Studies have shown that people are more likely to opt-in on receiving regular monthly E-mail newsletters that keep them up to date on the latest news, entertainment and changes in laws or government programs that affect their lives. Sponsorship or placing an ad in the newsletter is an exceptional opportunity for you to promote your business.

Website Development: According to an article found in the Tampa Tribune put out by Google, Intuit and Florida’s Governor Rick Scott, 97% of consumers visit a company’s Website before agreeing to do business with them. If you do not have a web presence you could be losing a significant portion of your business to your competitors. Our Website developers and SEO specialists can build you a professional looking, custom (not from template) Website and ecommerce solution that will help you increase your sales and get your business noticed.

For more information, please complete the Contact Us form and someone will contact you usually within 24-48 hours.

For additional information that will help you better understand the complexities of this unique marketing strategy please click on the links below.

More Reasons to become an EA Preferred Merchant
Value That Goes Beyond Advertising
Demographic Data
Mature adults age 55 and up...
Small Businesses Cater to Gray
Introduction and Goals Statement
Marketing and Planning
Reach and Frequency
Advertiser and Content Protocol
Services and Distribution

What advertisers are saying about Enjoying Aging's graphics designs.

Rob, man that looks great now. I printed it out and the color is very warm
and inviting and it's just a good looking ad and page. So I am pleased.
The logo turned out just like I wanted. Thanks for sticking with it.

Jim Dame
Gulf Coast Hearing Aid Center


Good. I know you are glad to be finished with this one. Thanks for all your work on this.
The magazine is in good hands.

Sharon McLean
The Christian Bread Basket


The ad looks great! You did a great job….so “class-y”…thank you again! Go ahead and print it.

Kathy C.
Legacy Lending, Inc.

More Reasons to Become an Enjoying Aging Preferred Merchant

As a preferred merchant you will be able to target your marketing and advertising to an invested and motivated reader base. With the variety of marketing tools at your disposal it is easy to focus on the interest of a specific group.

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Value That Goes Beyond Advertising

Advertising in the Enjoying Aging publication is more than just placing an ad in a magazine. It is a sponsorship that shows our readers your commitment to the community in which we live, work, play and raise our families. Every business in every town is trying to compete for the same few dollars consumers are able to spend. Therefore it is crucial that you keep your business name in front of the customer as often as possible. Our commitment to our sponsors is to provide affordable long lasting visibility with the highest rate of return on investment (ROI).

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Demographic Data

The following are national averages posted by Ipsos Mendelsohn media and marketing firm, Affluent Survey report. (Numbers in parenthesis are Affluent Indexes. 100 is affluent average.)

• Median age 65, 70% female, 65% married
• Median Household Income, $167,000 (139)
• Median net worth $1,614,000
• 63% work-out on a regular basis, 51% belong to a private club (123)
• 97% access the internet
• 47% have post-graduate education (199)
• 91% have engaged in a public/community activity in the last year
• 96% own a home with an average value of $716,800 (141)
• 55% own additional residence/property (mean value $774,400)

• 87% have a valid passport (135)
• 58% plan to travel internationally within the next year (163)
• 30% plan to take a cruise within the next year (171)

Financial Services (in past 12 months)
• 31% used a full-service broker (126) and 40% a financial planner (155)
• 70% have made 1+ transactions (153)

Health/Medical (in past 6 months)
• 58% buy prescriptions from drug stores, 35% via phone/mail order
• 93% have used vitamins or other supplements
• 72% have purchased fat-free foods
• 62% have purchased high-fiber foods

• 20% plan to buy/lease a new vehicle within the next 12 months

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Mature adults age 55 and up...

Control 80% of the money in U.S. banks and lending institutions

Own 70% of the financial assets in America

Own 75% of the homes they live in

Control more than $7 trillion in wealth

Account for more than $610 billion per year in direct healthcare spending

Consume 74% of all prescription drugs

Represent 65% of all hospital bed days

Represent 42% of all physician’s office visits

Purchase 90% of long-term care insurance (growing at 23% per year)

Make up 1.5 million residents in continuing care and assisted-living facilities

Eat out an average of three times per week

Have an average of $250,000 in total assets


More than 70 million Americans over the age 50

Net worth nearly double the U.S. national average

Healthy living expenditures reaching $480 billion annually

Over 3 million have $1 million or more in investment assets, more than $1.6 trillion in annual spending power and 4 million plus Americans turn fifty each year. With this trend continuing for 18 more years, you are on your way to advertising to the largest consumer base in America. And they represent only 5% of all targeted advertising.

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Small Businesses Cater to Gray

TO SCOTT NEAL, who recently lost his job as a Tampa, Fla., home builder because of the sagging real-estate market, a generation of about 77 million aging Americans sounds an awful lot like opportunity knocking.

Whether it is somebody moving across town to live in a managed retirement community, migrating to Florida from a colder state or just plain staying put, he says, "the vast majority of 62-year-olds won't want to run down to Home Depot, pick up a gallon of paint and hop on a ladder. "That's why Neal and his business partner are confident about their decision to buy a CertaPro Painters franchise. Being in the business of home improvement and specifically catering to an older demographic, he predicts, "will be the brighter side of housing as we start to come out of this very down market." Targeting the older customer has long been a focal point among big business, which regularly features older celebrities in advertisements. (Think: Isabella Rossellini gracing print advertisements for Lancôme products or Peter Frampton strumming a guitar in a recent Geico television commercial.)

However, says Matt Thornhill, president of the Boomer Project, a Richmond, Va., consulting firm: "The aging of the baby boomer demographic is a huge opportunity for businesses of any size." According to Mintel Group, a market-research firm, the baby boomer generation — that is, individuals born between 1947 and 1964 — has an estimated spending power of more than $2 trillion a year. Plus, says Thornhill: "They know they are going to live another 10 to 20 years longer than their parents."

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Introduction and Goals Statement

Enjoying Aging was conceived as an advocacy for people age 50 and above. The senior population is still the largest consumer base in America and becoming the major focus of advertising for most companies. With “baby boomers” reaching their golden years and retirement in sight, it is imperative that they stay active and well informed. Through the Enjoying Aging Magazine and Website we intend to Inform, educate and entertain this maturing generation with articles, interviews and offers from our sponsors and supporters.

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Marketing and Planning

The goal of most publications is to have national advertisers fill their pages with high priced advertising leaving no place for local entrepreneurs. Enjoying Aging is the type of Website that will attract national advertisers, but we are committed to providing value driven placement for home town merchants and help connect them with the communities they serve. As we grow from town-to-town and state-by-state, our loyalty to that pledge will remain at the heart of our business philosophy.

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Reach and Frequency

Reaching out into the community is paramount to the success of any business. For all businesses, it is advertising and marketing that makes them known to their customers and allows them to grow. Our goal is no different! We are constantly looking for new ways to expand into other markets and by hiring new salespeople, graphics designers, staff writers and reporters in surrounding counties and states we are continuing to increase our customer base. By offering multiple pricing structures we are able to keep our prices competitive for the local business owner and give larger businesses the ability to expand into neighboring communities.

It is important for merchants to stay involved in the lives of their customers and frequently remind them that they are there for them. This is especially important in a down economy. By producing Enjoying Aging Magazine quarterly our readers have time to complete the articles, play the games, prepare the recipes and view the advertisements before the next issue arrives at their door. With extended affordable advertising plans available our sponsors are able to show their long-term commitments to our readers in this uncertain economic environment.

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Advertiser and Content Protocol

Enjoying Aging reserves the right to refuse advertising or content that is deemed inappropriate. These include (but are not limited to):

Tobacco, alcohol or gambling

Products/services that directly compete with Enjoying Aging products/services or corporate purchasing contracts

Other companies, products and services contrary to the Enjoying Aging vision and purpose

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Services and Distribution

Enjoying Aging is more than just a magazine. It is a resource for mature adults to learn more about the challenges they face both now and in the future. As a membership organization rather than a subscription publication, our readers are given the option of paying membership fees of $19.95 per year, allowing them to save money on products and services from local merchants. Our target demographic is the 50 plus generation and all households meeting this criteria will receive a complimentary issue each quarter.

For those with a preference for computers, the Enjoying Aging Website has additional offers and activities not found in the pages of the magazine. An ongoing work in progress, the Website will feature many reasons for regular visits including:

Preferred Merchants: Links to sponsors Websites; to encourage our members to support the merchant/sponsors who support Enjoying Aging.

Membership Enrollment: A quick and easy way to become an Enjoying Aging member.

Travel Essentials: Itineraries for all types of travel provided by Arrow Discovery Travel, the “Know Before You Go” resource links to ensure that you are a well-informed traveler and travel products to help make your trips more enjoyable.

Signature merchandise: shirts, hats, totes, jackets, mugs, etc. that can be personalized with photos blended together with the Enjoying Aging Logo.

Financial calculators: to help with retirement planning.

Games and puzzles: to keep the mind and senses sharp.

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